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Fit Lou Boot Camp was started to bring tried and true fitness methods to busy working women in Louisville. There’s no gimmicks or quick fixes promoted in our programming. Just proven exercise techniques that produce better health and body composition over the long term. You’ll be introduced to a mix of high intensity cardio, bodyweight movements and foundational barbell lifts. Our camp time of 5:30 - 6:30 ensures that nothing will interfere with you ability to make your workout. Our women only atmosphere provides the support and comfort level to keep you heading toward your goals.

Camp locations are indoors at Advantage Fitness, 4014 Dutchmans Lane during the winter and when inclement weather hits. Outdoor camps will be at the Louisville Tennis Center at 3783 Illinois Ave. You'll see a variety of equipment including medicine balls, kettlebells, agility ladders, free weights and more. All exercises are done under strict supervision to make sure you have the least risk of injury possible. Camp starts promplty at 5:30 with a 10 - 15 minute warmup followed by the day’s workout. These can vary from slow cardio focused workouts to heavy weights and hard intervals. And the best part is you''ll love tham all! Camp finishes with a nice cool down, stretching session before you start your day.

You’ll receive a weekly newsletter every Friday loaded with the best motivation and fitness tips and a recap from the week’s activity. You’ll also get a built in support group via your fellow bootcampers and coaches who are there to help you reach your goals. We have seen many boot campers loose the weight and keep it off, because they were able to make lasting lifestyle changes to how they workout and how they treat food. Don’t wait any longer..JOIN US NOW!


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Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or just tired of the same old routine, Fit Lou is for you! Our camps meet Monday-Friday from 5:30am to 6:30am. Each camp runs for 4 weeks with 1 off week between camps. The off week is meant for recovery and leisurely activities, but we do offer Tuesday and Thursday workouts for those who desire additional work. We have centrally located facilities; Indoor at Advantage Fitness in Dupont and outdoor at the Louisville Tennis Center by Joe Creason Park.


Feb, 5 - Mar, 2

Advantage Fitness


Mar, 12 - Apr, 6

Advantage Fitness


Apr, 16 - May, 11

Louisville Tennis Center


May, 21 - Jun, 15

Louisville Tennis Center


Meet the Team!


Coach Camille

Camille has been in the fitness industries for over 9 years. She graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Administration and a minor in Exercise Science. Camille’s passion for fitness began with marathon running. Her goal was to qualify and run the Boston Marathon. Following Boston she continued to challenge herself through ultra marathon running. In 2011 she ran her first 50 mile trail run. During her ultra-training she found the Pose Method© and became a Pose Method© Running Technique Specialist. Although running is a passion, she has found she performs best with a balanced approach of weight lifting and endurance training workouts like those in boot camp.

She has worked with all ages and fitness levels from collegiate D1 athletes to stay at home mothers. Seeing gains in strength, endurance, mobility and stability in those she works with drives Camille. She believes in training hard and staying focused. Camille found her passion in group fitness. She loves how boot camp creates accountability among peers. She leads by creating body awareness for optimal performance through FMS. Her passion for understanding movement allowed Camille to become a certified FMS© trainer. Her goal is to improve how individuals feel and look through functional movement and proper nutrition.

She believes exercise is more than being fit; it is a way of life! As a wife and mother with young daughters, Camille understands the demands of fitting fitness into a busy lifestyle. It is important to her to raise strong, health children. Camille believes our choices in our food and movement can create optimal health.

POSE Method Running Technique Specialist

Functional Movement Screen Certified

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Crossfit Endurance Trainer

Boston Marathon Finisher

Minor in Exercise Science


Coach Shane

Shane Moseley is a lifelong fitness practitioner and is co-owner of Fit Lou, LLC. His passion for exercise is rooted in his active childhood and multi-sport athletic career. Most recently he has competed in the sports of Ironman Triathlons, Ultra Marathons and Powerlifting. He got his first taste of coaching leading small group classes at a local gym and constantly looks to find the most efficient training method to achieve one’s goals. He often uses his own body to experiment with new techniques and methods. His passion for coaching is rooted in the rewarding feeling of seeing clients achieve things they never believed were possible.

NESTA Bootcamp Trainer

Functional Movement Screen Certified

Ironman Louisville Finisher


Coach Ashley

Ashley began her career as a personal trainer, after her own personal struggles with diet and weight loss. She knew something had to change within her life to improve her health and body image. Her professional career started out at a small advertising company, which meant she spent many hours sitting at a desk while typing away. After hours of sitting, she found herself looking forward to going to the gym after work. She began devoting her free time to researching nutrition and exercise physiology to determine where her efforts were falling short. This is when her life changed.

By applying new lifestyle habits, she was able to lose the weight she desired. Once the weight began to fall off she changed her perspective on health entirely. As she saw extreme improvements in her own body she began to notice advancements in her distance running. For years Ashley wanted to accomplish marathon running. Her passion for running is still growing. She has completed countless half and full marathons. All of these positive changes led Ashley to one conclusion: she was in the wrong profession. She was nervous to make such a bold change in careers but felt she had to. Her passion was fitness and being fit.

She began a new path for by becoming a certified trainer through ACE. She helps campers with their own personal fitness and nutrion goals. Ashley educates women on proper nutrion and how to get the most movement out of the day. Her journey as a trainer began 4 years ago and she is just as excited about training as the day she started. She has helped many achieve a variety of goals: weight loss, strength, conditioning, balanced meal planning, improved endurance and making life style changes for a healthier life.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Multiple Marathons Finisher



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Louisville Tennis Center

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